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Cam Rides the Cushion for a Hard Fought Victory

Cam Rides the Cushion for a Hard Fought Victory

The PIRTEK Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series Traditional Sprints put on a show for the Fireworks Extravaganza crowd at the Cedar Lake Speedway. Harry Hanson would start on the pin and jump to an early lead with a hard charging Caho and Shafer hot on heels. Cam would jump the cushion and drop to 4th and we would have a quick caution with 22 laps to go for the 99 of Roach spinning due to a big bobble by the 12 car resetting the field. Cam would continue to chase the 78 of Caho while Hanson opened up a bigger lead until he was finally able to pull off the slider on Caho and take second. Cam would then begin making hay on the cushion reeling in Hanson in lap traffic. Cam would finally overtake Hanson with 4 to go and find himself in Rock Auto Victory Lane on this warm and humid evening.


PIRTEK UMSS Feature: Shafer, Hanson, Anderson, Peterson, Caho, J. Kouba, A. Kouba, J. Kouba, Lewerer, Lowe, Berger, Stordahl, Roach, Stettner, Johnson, Vadnais, Huesmann, Parsons (DNF)

PIRTEK Heat 1:Cajo Jr, Anderson, Parsons, A, Kouba, Stettner, Huesmann (DNF)

PIRTEK Heat 2: Hanson, Berger, Kouba, Peterson, Lowe, Johnson

PIRTEK Heat 3: Schafer, Roach, Lewerer, J. Kouba, Stordahl, Vadnais

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